Leverage Teleradiology

Leverage Teleradiology’s experienced, subscecialty-trained radiologists provide final radiology interpretations 24/7/365. This helps to ensure patients receive te same quality level of patient every hour.

Final radiology reports enchance the productivity of your radiologists and extend your search within the community you serve. Instead of starting each day with preliminary report over-reads from the previous night and running into backlogs of cases, radiologists start each day focused on new patients.
By doing today’s work today, Leverage Teleradiology clients have gained productivity of as much as a half-time radiologist.

No matter where your patient is located or what your patient’s need, you have immediate, around-the-clock to high quality subspecialty radiology expertise. This is vitally important as innovative healthcare organizations strive to enhance patient care with comprehensive subspecialist access and decreased time to diagnosis and treatment.

Leverage Teleradiology solution:

  • Enables your radiologists to start their day fresh
  • Increases your subspecialty offerings
  • Maintains staffing coverage 24/7/365
  • Increases your productivity, efficiency, and bottom line
  • Reduces your company’s costs
  • Allows time, through added productivity hours, to extend your reach in the community
  • Manages your workload and enhances your radiology team’s work/life balance
  • Provides custom reports to your requirements
  • Supporting and collaborating with your referring physicians to enhance productivity